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Our Constitution






The Club shall be called “LLANDUDNO SPORTS CLUB” and shall in this constitution and by-laws be referred to as ‘the Club’.




In this constitution, unless the context shall otherwise require:-

–           The word ‘Club’ shall include its members, the building, premises and grounds.

–           The word ‘Member’ shall apply to both genders in good standing with the Club.

–           The masculine shall include the feminine gender.

–           The word ‘Committee’ shall mean the main committee of the Club. The word ‘Family’ shall mean the legal Father, Mother and their Children.


The provisions of this constitution may be amended only at an annual general meeting or a special general meeting of members where 80% of the current committee members and twenty one (21) members present will form the quorum.





The club is primarily a sporting and recreational club with such facilities as may be necessary to further its interests.


The Club shall have all such powers as may be necessary to the attainment of its objectives for playing and promoting squash in Cape Town.




The Club may be dissolved if at least two-thirds (2/3) of all members vote in favour thereof by means of a ballot.




The income and monies of the Club, from whatsoever source derived, shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objectives of the Club as set out in this constitution. Nothing herein shall prevent the payment, authorised by the committee in good faith, to any member of the Club or to any other person (whether a member of the Club or not) for any services actually rendered to the Club.

The members shall have no rights in the property or the assets of the Club solely by virtue of being members. The Committee shall incur no expenditure unless it has been approved by a majority of those present and voting at a meeting of the Committee duly called and constituted.

The provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to the ordinary trading accounts necessary for the everyday running of the Club, which shall be controlled by the Club financial manager who shall account to the Committee for all such expenditure monthly.

In the event of the dissolution of the Club, any surplus assets, after satisfying all liabilities, shall be given or transferred to an association or institution with objects similar to those of the Club, as decided by the members at a general meeting.




All assets and monies shall be registered or held in the name of the Club.

The individual members and committee members shall not be liable to meet the debts, engagements or liabilities of the Club and their liability shall be limited solely to the amounts due by them in respect of their subscription or other monies payable by them in terms of this constitution or the by-laws.




The members of the Club shall consist of:-

SINGLE MEMBER: Single Members shall be those members who become members in their sole capacity.

FAMILY MEMBER: Family Members shall be those members that become members as a family, where the family consists of two (2) or more members, typically both spouses, and their children that are under the age of twenty one (21).

STUDENT MEMBERS: Student Members shall be those members who become members whilst busy with tertiary education studies, and shall remain under that member classification for the duration of their tertiary studies.

VISITOR: A Visitor is any person that makes use of the Club on an ad hoc basis under the rules and conditions of this constitution.




The number of members shall not exceed the number that the Committee may from time to time decide upon, provided that, in the election of new members, the following order of priority shall be adhere to: The spouse of a member, The child or children of a member, A person already admitted to student membership.

The Committee shall be entitled to elect members subject to a limitation determined by the Committee. This limitation may be total or may be restricted in time to any days of the week or to any times of specified days.

The entrance fee and the relevant subscription shall be paid upon application and in the event of the candidate not being elected, he/she shall be advised in writing accordingly, and the monies will be repaid to the candidate.




Resignation as a member must be in writing. The Committee may, however, at its absolute discretion, release that member from the obligation to pay subscription on good cause shown.

Should a member who has previously resigned apply to rejoin the Club, he/she shall be liable for the ruling entrance fee unless in the view of the Committee there are extraordinary circumstances, in which case the Committee shall have the right to waive all or part of the said fee.




If the conduct of any member, either in or out of the Club, is in the opinion of the Committee unbecoming of a member of the Club, the Committee may, after giving him/her the opportunity to state his/her case, suspend him/her for such a period as it deems fit or may request that member in writing to resign, and if he/she does not resign from the Club within fourteen (14) days from the date of the request, the Committee may terminate his/her membership and erase his/her name from the list of members, provided always that the Committee shall give such member full reasons for its decision.

No member whose membership has been terminated in terms of this section shall be entitled to any refund whatsoever in respect of any subscription or other sums previously paid by the member to the Club. Any infraction of this constitution or the by-laws of the Club shall be dealt with by the Committee.




Entrance and subscription fees payable by members shall be determined and may, at its discretion, be waived by the Committee. All fees and other moneys due are payable in advance unless a member has applied in writing and in good time for a concession to pay the fees in installments acceptable to the Committee.


Any member who fails to discharge his/her liability to the Club in respect of the payments of his/her subscription fees or monies due to the Club will not be allowed to continue as a member or make use of the Club facilities while his/her liabilities remain unpaid. A member not in good standing with the Club shall not be allowed to vote at any Club meeting.


Should a defaulter, however, advance satisfactory reasons in writing for his/her default, the Committee may grant the defaulter an extension of time within which to fulfill his/her obligations and, on fulfillment, the defaulter’s membership may be restored. The financial year of the Club will end on the last day of February of each year.




Members may introduce guests to the Club subject to the by-laws relating to visitors, which may be in force from time to time, provided always that such visitors/guests must be in the company of the member and have signed/booked as a visitor.

The Committee may limit the admission of guests and visitors on special times or days or in connection with any specified Club leagues or functions. Guests found using the facilities more than once a month will be “encouraged” to join the club and pay annual subs.




The Committee shall manage the affairs of the Club. The Committee shall consist of no less than four (4) members whom shall be elected by the annual general meeting.

At the first Committee meeting following the election of the Committee, the Committee shall elect from amongst its members a Chairman, a Treasurer, a Club Secretary, a Maintenance Manager, and any other portfolio needed by the Committee.

In the event of a vacancy occurring on the Committee, the Committee shall have the power to fill that vacancy by co-option. The members elected shall hold office for one (1) year, with effect from the date of the Club’s annual general meeting.


The Committee shall meet at least four (4) per year. The majority of votes shall decide questions arising at any meeting. In the event of an equality of votes, the chairman shall in addition to his deliberative vote, have a casting vote. A majority of members shall form a quorum. The Committee shall ensure that minutes of proceedings be kept of all meetings.




Proper books of account of the affairs of the Club shall be kept together with all other documents connected with or relating to the Club’s business or its affairs and shall at all reasonable times be accessible to the members of the Committee.

No member of the Club who is not a member of the Committee shall have the right to inspect any account or document of the Club except as authorized by the Committee or

by the Club in a general meeting. All monies paid to the Club shall as soon as possible after receipt be deposited with the Club’s bank in such banking or investment account as the Committee may decide and shall be withdrawn from time to time as may be authorized.

A registered accountant, not being a member of the Committee, shall audit the accounts of the Club at least annually.




Annual and special general meetings shall be convened by notice posted by the Club Chairman on the Club’s notice board and by notice in writing to each member at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the meeting.


The business of the meeting shall be:-

–           to receive the report of the chairman

–           to consider the audited financial statements of the affairs of the club for the previous year

–           to elect the required number of members to the Committee

–           to transact such business of which due notice has been given


If a quorum is not present within half an hour of the time appointed, the meeting, if convened upon a requisition of members, shall be dissolved. A new meeting shall be held and those members present shall then form a quorum and may transact by the business for which the meeting was called.

A special general meeting of the Club may be called at any time by the Committee or shall at any time be called by the Committee upon a requisition to that effect signed by not less than twenty one (21) members in good standing, which requisition shall state the object of the meeting.




Any member or visitor that enters the Club does so at his/her own risk and the Club cannot be held responsible for any injuries, damage or loss of property.








At least one main committee member shall be part of all sub-committees which may be established by the Committee. The Committee may in their discretion invite a guest or guests to participate in the activities of the Club.




For the purpose of this by-law, the word ‘junior’ shall mean and include all persons under the age of 18 years. Members shall be responsible for the actions and behavior of their children whilst the latter are on the Club premises




Animals shall not be allowed in the Club. Dogs shall not be taken into the Club grounds unless under immediate control of their owners.




All damage to the Club property caused by any member or his guest must be paid for by such member who shall pay for or acknowledge his liability in respect of the damage before leaving the Club.




Court bookings must be done using the Club’s online booking system, and all members must abide by the rules and guidelines of the court booking system published on the Club’s website ( 

If a booking is not honoured after 10 minutes of the start time, other members waiting to use the court may claim that booking slot.

Members are not allowed to book courts to play guests (non-members) during peak hours (Monday to Friday – 5pm to 8pm).




The Club ladder of players will be used to determine the order of players in the various leagues, tournaments and championships.




Only non-marking squash shoes are allowed on the courts. The dress in the Club shall compliment the game of squash and tennis and shall be as prescribed by the Committee from time to time.

No notice of any description shall be posted in the Club on the notice boards except by order or approval of the Committee. The removal of plants, bulbs or shrubs from the Club’s premises is prohibited.

All children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult. No children are allowed on the courts without adult supervision.

School memberships may only make use of the courts during the time slots agreed with the LSC Committee.

Any coaching sessions need to be booked under the member’s name.

No eating or drinking is allowed on the courts.

Before leaving the clubhouse, members must place glasses and plates they have used in the sink before they leave, and throw their rubbish (drink tins/bottles, etc.) in the Recycling and Non-Recycling bins provided.


The last member to leave the clubhouse must ensure that:-

–           The sliding door is locked

–           All lights are switched off

–           The security gate is locked behind you.




Members who have any queries, or would like to report any incidents and/or mis-use of the club and its facilities, can direct these to the Club Chairperson, Rob Williamson, on 082 450 7905