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Annual Squash Awards

I am extremely proud and humbled to let you all know that Llandudno Sports Club picked up 6 awards at last night’s WP Squash Annual Awards Ceremony.

It was an glitzy evening much akin to the Oscars - the red carpet was rolled out at Pigalle, the ladies were dolled up in spunky evening dresses and the men were looking dapper and suave in formal collar and tie.

With our 5th League Ladies team’s magnificent performance in winning their league this season, we knew that we were assured of winning one trophy on the night. And in the history of WP Squash and these annual awards ceremonies (which date back to 1973), Llandudno has only ever won a single award at three previous awards ceremonies.

So it was a night of celebration that we were looking forward to, expecting to collect our one award. Our Ladies league squad was there in full force, with 10 of them present to congratulate Sam Lupini and her team. I was honored to be invited along by them, and sit at their table. I felt like the thorn amongst a bevy of roses! J

What a night it turned out to be for our proud club. Consider that there are over 30 clubs participating in the WP Squash league, and that we (Llandudno) are tiny in terms of league playing members when compared to the likes of WPCC, Villager, Durbanville, etc., who have 5 times the number of teams, hence 5 times the depth and (supposed) strength.

Well, so much for those stats. (Who said size counts…?)

“Little” Llandudno picked up 6 awards – more than any other club on the night!

  1. Award #1:           Our Ladies 5th League team (captained by Sam Lupini) – for winning their league
  2. Award #2:           Sam Lupini – Best Individual league performance by a lady playing in Ladies Leagues 4, 5 & 6 (Sam was unbeaten in the season, winning all 13 of her matches)
  3. Award #3:           MC de Villiers – Best Individual league performance by a man playing in Masters Leagues 3, 4 & 5 (MC won 12 of his 13 matches in the season)
  4. Award #4:           Our 16th league team, for winning the knock-out competition for Leagues 15, 16 & 17.
  5. Award #5:           Rob Williamson – Best Club Chairperson/Administrator (aaah – you see, all my late-night e-mails obviously paid off!!!!  J ).
  6. Award #6             Our Ladies League division – a Team award given to our ladies league squad for the best overall league performance. That’s an amazing award to receive, considering we only have 3 ladies teams, and the bigger clubs have 10.

Special mention must also be given to Tom Main, who was one of the 4 nominees for the Best Individual League Performance by a Man playing in Mens Leagues 1-4.  Tom won 16 out of his 18 matches this season, and was pipped to the award by Rodney Durbach (South Africa’s No. 3 player) who went through the season unbeaten.

A massive congrats to our winners, and to all who contributed towards 2013 being the most successful squash league season in the history of our club.

I’ve attached a pic of us looking very pleased with ourselves after the awards ceremony, holding all our trophies. They’ll be on display at our AGM on Friday, before we have to hand them back to WP Squash next week.

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