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Tennis Court Lights Rules

Hi LSClubbers

It with great pride and pleasure that I can confirm that the project to install the floodlights on our lower tennis court has been completed. 

I would like to say a special thanks to Eric Putsman, who has been the driving force behind this project. It took 18 months of blood, sweat, tears and toil, working with both the City Council and LCA to ensure we followed and complied with all the correct processes and channels to get the plans approved. Eric was then also instrumental in getting the City Council to fund the supply and installation of the poles and electrical work through a rather laborious Council tender process, thereby saving our club a considerable amount of money.

The light fittings have been provided by Cape Tennis courts, the same company that did the resurfacing and re-fencing of our courts 18 months ago. They are the Elsco lighting system, the top brand of lights for tennis courts, adhering to the highest technical and green standards; i.e. sharp cut-off to ensure no light spillage.

There a few rules and guidelines that all members need to abide by, and the approvals we received from the LCA and City Council were based on certain assurances we gave them. I will be sticking these rules and guidelines up on the wall where the switches are for the lights.


  1. The floodlights can only be used up to 9pm on week nights and 10pm on weekend nights. (Weekend nights are Friday and Saturday. Sunday is considered a week night). Please ensure these cut-off times are respected.
  2. Whilst tennis etiquette must be adhered to at all times (no shouting, bad language, etc., and ladies – no Sharapova-esque loud grunting!), we will be particularly vigilant on this etiquette in the evenings.
  3. The LSC Committee reserves the right to prohibit any member from playing in the evenings should that member disregard these rules.



  1. There are 2 switches for the lights, one for each side of the court. It was installed this way (i.e. split into 2) to meet with the capacity/standards of the club’s electrical board.
  2. Both switches are housed in a casing that is mounted on the wall on the side of the wellness centre building. The casing will be locked with a padlock, and the key will be on the same keyring as the key for the gate of Court 1 (hanging behind the door of the clubhouse). Please ensure you padlock the casing when you  switch the lights off after your game.
  3. The lights are halide, and take 3-4 minutes to warm-up and reach their full brightness.
  4. For the time being, we will not charge for the use of the lights. We will be monitoring the usage, and the impact that this usage has on the club’s electrical bill. The LSC Committee will review this on an ongoing basis, and if it becomes prohibitively  expensive, we will consider implementing a pay-meter system.
  5. Court bookings for evening times when the  lights can be used must be done following the standard process using our online court booking system.

If you have any queries, please feel free to direct them to either myself of Eric. (

Kind regards


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