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September 2020 Newsletter


September 2020 Newsletter


Hi  LSClubbers

What a pleasure it is to be back on court!

As per my previous newsletter in August, our club received official approval from Tennis South Africa and Squash South Africa to re-open on 1 August – albeit in adherence to the strict COVID-19 Safety protocols mandated by the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture.

With South Africa moving into Level 1 of our National Lockdown programme this week, there are some relaxations to some of these protocols.

I’ve covered all the Do’s and Don’ts in the COVID-19 section below.


A very warm welcome to our new members who have joined our club since my last LSC Newsletter in August.

On behalf of our LSC Committee, thank you for joining. We wish you many years of fun and fitness with us.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss any matters pertaining to your membership.


Thank you for complying with these mandatory protocols.

Not only are these measures in place for the right reasons (i.e. for your safety and the safety of others), but failure to comply with them could result in our club being forced to close if we were found to be disregarding the protocols.

Now that we’ve entered Level-1 of our national Lockdown Program, there has been some relaxation in the COVID-19 protocols that sports clubs and their members must comply with.

I’ve covered these over the page….

  • It is still mandatory for all members and their guests (players and non-players) to immediately sign-in at the COVID-19 Compliance Station upon arriving at the club.
  • This involves sanitizing your hands, taking your temperature and recording your details in the sign-in register.
  • This applies to both venues – Llandudno Sports Club and Hout Bay Tennis Club.
  • Social distancing is still required, but clubs are now able to re-open their bar facilities, and the “Arrive, Play & Go” requirement has been done away with; i.e. you can stay on after your game to watch another game and/or enjoy a drink.
  • Shower facilities are accessible again.
  • Not that it is really applicable to our club, but curfew times obviously need to be adhered to (12am to 4am).
  • We are still requesting that members bring their own water bottles, and continue to touch as few surfaces as possible whilst at the club.

Thanks for your continued understanding and full co-operation with this.




Our Annual Squash Club Champs is in full-swing, and starting to edge towards the business end in the various competitions.

Please ensure you diarize Friday 16th October – FINALS NIGHT, when we will be holding all our squash finals.

We will also be holding our AGM that evening, immediately after the completion of the Men’s Cup Final.

I will send another reminder closer to the time.


We will run our annual Sundowner Social Squash League over 6 weeks, from the week of 26 October to the week of 1 December.

This is a fun-filled tournament open to all members of all playing levels.

Look out for a follow-up mail from me in October inviting entries.


For squash coaching – individual or group - members can contact Vida van Rensburg (063 645 9726), Carrie Lam (083 414 6318) or William Tweddle (074 710 3746).   

All three of them cater for all ages, genders and skill levels.


For new members not in-the-know, we have a very active Social Tennis setup at our club, administered through a vibrant WhatsApp group.

If you’re interested to get involved, please send me a WhatsApp message and I’ll add you to the group.

If you have any enquiries, please direct them to Llewellyn Snyman on 083 629 2399.


The WP Tennis League season kicked off 3 weeks ago and our three team are doing our club very proud.

If you are new to our club and would like to get involved in the league setup, please contact Tracy Morris (Ladies Captain) on 083 682 0644 or Llewellyn Snyman (Mens Captain) on 083 629 2399.


We will be running our club’s Annual Tennis Club Championships from late October to early December.

The tournament is one of our club’s highlights and is open to all members of all playing skills. We have multiple competitions within the tournament format to ensure enjoyment for all.

I will send out a follow-up email in October providing more details and inviting entries.


I know, I know, let’s not jinx things by mentioning the dreaded “L-word”.  

But… just to let you know, our club has purchased a generator with sufficient capacity to run both squash courts during lockdown outages - whenever our beloved Eishkom blesses us with them again!


If you’ve lost/left anything at the club, the easiest way to try and track it down is to contact our groundsman, Clive Moses, on 072 207 6508.

11.  2020/21 SUBS NOW DUE:

Our club’s financial year runs from 1 September to 31 August. You would have all now received an email from Sheena, our Club’s Treasurer, for your subs renewal invoice.

You will notice that we have kept our fees unchanged from last year (0% escalation), as a concession for the period that the courts were unavailable during Levels 5 & 4 of the lockdown.

Thanks in advance for your prompt payments.

If you haven’t received your invoice from Sheena, it’s possible that you deleted it in error or she has an incorrect email address for you.

If that’s the case, please be proactive and email her ( or me with your correct email address, and Sheena will resend the mail to you.


We have a few maintenance projects either currently on the go, or upcoming.

We have a team currently digging a trench along the side on the lower tennis court (on the mountainside) that will help stop rain water seeping onto the court on that side. We will also be doing the same on the upper court.

We are aware that one of the tennis floodlights is not working, as well as two of the lights on Squash Court 2.

This will be fixed later this week or early next week. It’s not a quick job as we need to get scaffolding erected.

We are also looking at quotes to resurface the upper tennis court, as well as doing some running repairs to the surface of the lower tennis court.

And on the topic of maintenance, thank you to Llewellyn for coming up with a “MacGyver” solution to fixing the net cord winder on the lower court. Please do not fiddle with this – the net cord is now set at the correct height.

And that’s a wrap!  Looking forward to seeing you on court.





Rob Williamson

Chairperson: Llandudno Sports Club

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