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March 2020 Newsletter

March 2020 Newsletter

 Hi  LSClubbers

 “There is a Chinese curse which says ‘May we live in interesting times.’ Like it or not, we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty. But they are also more open to the creative energy of men than any other time in history.”

       -  Robert Kennedy

 Interesting times, indeed!

I’ve had a front-row seat to the COVID-19 outbreak for the last 4 months. My younger brother, Stuart, has been living in Wuhan for the last 3 years, teaching English.

So I got first-hand insight from him some time ago into what has only now become the new norm for us in South Africa:  drastically improved hygiene disciplines, social distancing, self-isolation, etc.

 On the same day (Wednesday 18th March) that South Africa’s tested positive cases almost doubled overnight and breached the 100 barrier, China reported no new positive cases.

In these “interesting times” where social media and fake news fuel fear and anxiety, that stat is something to draw hope and optimism from.

 Working for a global organization, I have friends in many of the high-rate affected areas. An Oracle colleague of mine living in Rome died yesterday, on a day that Italy reported 475 new deaths in a single day.

Their mortality rate is almost 10%!

 It is tragic beyond words. But what will be more tragic is if we don’t learn from the mistakes that many of these European countries made, by not immediately implementing and adhering to this “new norm” of life.

 We will overcome this.

But how quickly each of us changes our behavior, attitude and daily routines will determine the speed at which we achieve that victory. And it will also determine the number of casualties.

Yes, these are interesting times. And we each have a vital role to play. Carpe Diem!


 Until such time as we our instructed otherwise by a government directive, our club will remain open to our members.

 We will have stricter rules for the use of the squash courts and the clubhouse compared to the use of the tennis courts, as, by its nature, tennis (singles) allows for social-distancing.

 It is your prerogative whether you do want to use the club’s facilities during this time, and if you do, you do so at your own risk.

 WP Squash and WP Tennis have both suspended all league fixtures, and have instructed clubs not to run any social competitions or tournaments during this time.


Unfortunately we were not able to purchase hand-sanitizers before they all flew off the shelves in the instant wave of panic-buying, but we fortunately already had a decent supply of toilet rolls!

 We have purchased Dettol hand-wash, and placed large dispensers (together with rolls of paper towel) by the sinks in the Ladies and Mens changing rooms, and by the sink in the kitchenette/bar.

I have spoken to Clive Moses, our groundsman, and given him the option to take full-paid leave for March and April.

Such is the character of the man, who has served our club so loyally for 21 years, that he told me that he would prefer to continue working.

We will continuously monitor and reassess this situation.

We have given Clive very clear guidelines to adhere to – both in terms of taking precautions for himself, and in cleaning the club.


Should you want to use the tennis and squash courts during this time, please use the online court booking system to book your courts.

As already mentioned above, we will have stricter guidelines for the use of the squash courts and clubhouse compared to using the tennis courts, as, by its nature, tennis (singles) allows for social-distancing.

Also, with the medical research confirming that the virus is killed by higher temperatures, any droplets coughed or sneezed onto surfaces outside will be killed off by the sun.

If you do cough/sneeze, please make sure you do so into the inside of your bent elbow, and make sure you use your own towels and water bottles.

No group gatherings and social get togethers are allowed – for tennis and squash.

Please do not use the shower facilities in the clubhouse during this time. Leave the club immediately after your game (no socializing) and shower when you are back at home.


We recommend that you only play against opponents who you are currently self-isolating with.

If you are playing Singles against an opponent who you are not currently self-isolating with, then please keep your distance (2-3 metres) and no handshakes/bodily contact.

If you are playing Doubles, we strongly recommend that your playing partner is someone who you are currently self-isolating with.

With regards to playing on the Lower Court in the evenings and using the floodlights, our agreement with the City Council and LCA is that the cut-off time during the week is 9:30pm and weekends is 10pm. Please adhere to this.

 I am aware that the bulb in the floodlight closest to gate is faulty. We are waiting for Thomas Electric to get new stock in and it will then be replaced.


We need to have stricter guidelines for squash seeing as it is played indoors, in a confined area.

And many of our seasoned members will also tell you that it is very much a contact sport!!!

 Our recommendation is that you only play against opponents who you are currently self-isolating with.

 Whilst current medical opinion states that the virus is spread through droplets from the respiratory system (mouth and nose) and not from sweat, it’s easy (and almost second nature when you’re playing and sweating) to wipe your face with your hand, and then wipe your hand on the wall.

 Please bring your own sweat towel and put it at the back of the court by the door. (You shouldn’t be hitting the ball to that area, unless you’re trying a “Geoff Dods style serve!”).

When you need to dab off sweat, use your towel.

Do not wipe your hands on the walls/glass.

 If you have your own hand sanitizer, please bring that with you and use it before and after your game.

If not, please wash your hands before and after your game with the Dettol hand soap at a sink, using hot water.

 Please bring your own water bottles/drinks with you and take them home with you. The less surfaces you are touching in the clubhouse (e.g. not using the club’s glasses) the better for all of us, and especially for Clive.

Bob Groeneveld, our Mens A Tennis Team Captain

 We will continue to monitor this situation and advise you of any changes, through either a decision of the LSC Committee and/or enforced by new measures mandated by our government/local municipality.




Both of our other 2 league teams - our Mens B team (captained by
Llewellyn Snyman) and our Mixed Doubles team (captained by Tracy Morris) – currently hold mid-table respectability and are safe from relegation.Even with some matches still to be played in the current WP Tennis season, our Mens A team, captained by Bob Groeneveld, has already won their league, courtesy of an unbeaten, record, and will be promoted to the 2ndLeague next year.  Huge congrats lads!


Well done to all our players and thanks for representing our club so proudly.




young bucks.jpg

Young Bucks

Our Mens A Squash Team – aka “The Young Bucks” 

(From left):  Kurt McDaniel,  Kenau Vith, William Tweddle, Lochlan Williamson


 After the completion of another very successful Summer League Social Squash Tourmament run in January and February, the WP Squash League season kicked off in the first week of March.

 We have entered 9 teams this year: -

3 Ladies, 2 Mens and 4 Masters.

 Alas, we could only fit in 2 rounds of fixtures in the Mens and Ladies leagues before WP Squash suspended the season. 

The Masters League was only scheduled to commence in early April.

But those first 2 rounds of fixtures gave us a good indication that squash at our club is looking very healthy – both in terms of skill levels and player depth.


And the future is looking exceptionally bright too – our Mens A team fielded our youngest ever team in the history of our club’s proud 59 year history - William Tweddle (19), Lochlan Williamson (17), Kenau Vith (18) and Kurt McDaniel (18) – aka The Young Bucks!


Our Mens A Squash Team – aka “The Young Bucks”(From left):  

Kurt McDaniel,  Kenau Vith, William Tweddle, Lochlan Williamson

We look forward to challenging for more silverware when the league season resumes.



 We have had some very swanky Ladder Boards for Squash and Tennis (both Ladies and Men) put up in the glass cabinets by the tennis and squash courts.

 The Ladder Boards also show all the rules around the challenge match system and rankings. I’m sure this will lead to many a hotly contested (and hopefully enjoyable too!) match where “bragging rights” are at stake.

(For Squash, this will be in a post-Corona era).

 If your name is not currently up on the boards (squash and/or tennis) and you would like it to be, then please send me a private mail/WhatsApp and I’ll get a name label made up for you.




Load-shedding, thankfully, has also been scared off into self-isolation by the Corona virus!

Our club had already put an action plan together in early March, when Load-shedding had returned to be a daily occurrence.

 We are working with the Llandudno SRA on an inverter solution that will automatically switch over during Load-shedding outages to cover both our squash courts.

 Plans to implement that solution were delayed due to stock shortages, and hence we made a contingency plan for Load-shedding during league fixtures by wiring up both squash courts to a generator (very kindly donated to our club by Jerry Nicholas for this temporary contingency plan)).

 With suspension of the league fixtures – and more importantly the Load-shedding outages – the generator is looking very pretty in its inactivity.

 We hope to never have to switch it on as our aim is to have the inverter solution implemented as soon as stock becomes available again – hopefully before the league (and Load-shedding) resumes.


And that’s a wrap!

Thanks for reading to the end, and please ensure you all adhere to our club’s COVID-19 Rules and Guidelines

Please focus on your health, and the health of others, during this time.

And keep a positive outlook. We’re all in this together, and we will all win together!



 Rob Williamson

Chairperson: Llandudno Sports Club

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