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September 2018 Newsletter


September 2018 Newsletter


Hi  LSClubbers

 Happy Spring to all of you!

Not sure if it feels the same for you, but 2018 seems to be flying past in a blur. It felt like just yesterday that we were buying my eldest son his matric tie in January. And one blink later, he’s knuckling down to write his prelims this week.

In the life of Llandudno Sports Club, brace yourselves, because the pace is going to go up a few notches too. The last four months of the calendar year is the busiest period in our club’s annual calendar.

There’s plenty of important upcoming events and functions that I wouldn’t want any of you to miss out on.

So please lend me your eyes for the next few minutes, grab a cup of coffee and your diary, buckle up, and enjoy the ride with us…


Firstly, a warm welcome to our new members who have joined our club since my last newsletter earlier this year. Here’s wishing you many years of fun and fitness with us. I’ve had the opportunity to meet quite a few of you already.

For those who I haven't yet met, I look forward to meeting you soon, hopefully as a participant in one or more of the exciting events coming up in the next few months.

Please feel free to contact me at any time should you want to discuss any matter pertaining to our club and your membership. My contact details are at the bottom of this newsletter


For the new members who may not know, our club’s groundsman, Clive Moses, has worked for our club for the last 25 years. He is a tremendous asset to our club, doing his work with tremendous pride, and always having a ready smile.

Earlier this year, Clive suffered a tragic loss when members of his family were involved in a horrific car accident in May. His daughter and granddaughter were killed, and his 8-year old grandson, Nahum, was seriously injured with many broken bones and swelling on the brain.

I am happy and relieved to share that Nahum is making a steady recovery. He was in ICU for 8 weeks, and then in the general ward for another month. He is now out of hospital and has returned to school.

He is over the worst of his physical injuries, but the emotional trauma of coming to terms with the loss of his mother and sister will be with him for many, many years.


Onto a much lighter, brighter note…. 2018 will go down as the most successful year for league squash in the 57 year history of our club!

The WP League season concluded las week, and whilst some final results still need to be posted from other teams, we can already pop the champagne bottles to toast three of our seven teams, who have won their respective leagues this year.

Ours Ladies 1st Team:

Playing squad: Iris Gabel, Laurence Esteve, Tracey Dove, Sam Lupini, Natasja, Mallam and Ingrid Kingon

Our Mens 1st Team:

Playing squad: Blake Spear, Geoff Dods, Dane Spear, William Tweddle, Rob Williamson, Mike Hagglund, Oly Dods and Alain Walker

Our Masters 1st Team:

Playing Squad: Shaun Kramer, Bertus Burger, Jacques du Toit, Laurence Woodburn, Simon Davies and Rob Pullinger

 Honourable mentions also to our Masters 2nd & 3rd teams who both came second in their respective leagues.

Each year we also pay tribute to our club’s most successful player across all our teams; i.e. the player who finishes with the highest win percentage in the season. (They need to have played a minimum of 60% of the games to be eligible).

Big congrats to this year’s winner, Geoff Dods, who has the amazing stats of: Played 15, Won 15, to post a perfect 100% record for the season!

Well done to Geoff, and to all our league players for an awesome season. Super proud of you!


As is customary at our club, as soon as the WP Squash League season has come to an end, we launch straight into our club’s Annual Squash Club Champs.

Friendship between league team mates get put on ice for 2 months as we fight it out for Club Champion titles.

The tournament kicks off during the week of 17th September, and will run for 7 weeks. It will conclude with our Finals Day on Friday, 2nd November, the same night as our AGM.

Entry into the Club Champs is open to ALL our members – be they league and/or social squash, and/or tennis players.

For those of you who are new members and haven’t played in our Squash Club Champs before, it’s a lot of fun.

 We have multiple competitions to ensure all skill levels are catered for... and whilst our hot-shot top league squash players slug it out in the Cup Competitions, the Plate and Shield Competitions are equally competitive and enjoyable for the lower league and social players.

I will send out a separate mail this week, with more info, and inviting entries.

5.  AGM:

Our AGM will also take place on Friday, 2ndNovember at our clubhouse, immediately after the completion of our Men’s Cup Final in our Squash Club Champs (at around 8:15pm).

I will be sending out further details of the schedule closer to the time, but in the mean time, please diarize the date.

The evening is one of the highlights of our club’s annual calendar.


Our club’s new financial year started on 1 September, which means that annual subs are now due. Sheena will be sending out invoices over the course of the next week or so.

The Committee has approved increases of between 0% and 3.7% for the different Membership categories.

(Don’t shout out this minimal increase rates too loudly; we’ll have the unionists on our backs questioning why we’re not standing in solidarity with them with 10+% demands!).

The fee structure for the 2018/19 season is as follows:-

  • Single Membership:  R50 increase to R1,350 (3.7%)
  • Family Membership:  R50 increase to R1,650 (3%)
  • Members of Family Membership over 21 years: No increase; stays at R1,100 (0%)
  • Student Membership: R25 increase to R650 (2.3%)

I regularly correspond with the chairpersons of other clubs in the peninsula and can still proudly say that we offer the best value for money in our fee structure.

The other chairpersons are amazed that we don’t charge a levy for the use of lights at our club (for squash and floodlights for tennis), saying that this is a profitable revenue stream for their clubs.

At LSC, we maintain our stance (as a NPO) that we want to offer our members an experience that is incomparable in the Western Cape.

Having said that, the income from membership fees is the club’s largest source of income, and we are reliant on that income to maintain and improve the club and facilities.

So please can I appeal to you to pay your fee renewals promptly.


The second half of the 2018 WP Tennis league season started this past weekend. We have entered 3 teams in the league:-

  • Ladies Doubles (captained by Tracy Morris)
  • Men’s Singles (captained by Bob Groeneveld)
  • Men’s Doubles (captained by Llewellyn Snyman)

 We wish them and their respective teams an enjoyable and successful campaign. If you would like to find out more about our League Tennis set-up, please contact Tracy at or Llewellyn at


Eric Putsman runs mixed socials every Sunday morning, 10am to 12pm (weather permitting). New members are invited to join. Please contact Eric on 083 777 5206 for further details.

He will add you to our club’s Social Tennis WhatsApp group, which is very active, with members always keen to play a spontaneous game.


Our annual Tennis Club Champs will be run in November and December. They will start immediately after the completion of the current WP Tennis League season, and conclude with Finals Day on Saturday 8th December.

If you’re wondering why we’re running a second Club Champs in 2018, it’s because the one we completed back in March was the Finals of the 2017 Championship.

We had to postpone the final rounds due to the urgent resurfacing we had to do to the Lower Court.

 I will send out a separate mail closer to the time, with more info, and inviting entries.


For tennis coaching, members can contact Gareth Smart on 071 675 9563.

For squash coaching, members can contact Vida van Rensburg on 063 645 9726.

Both cater for all ages and skill levels.



This year’s SA Open Racketlon Tournament will take place at UCT on Sunday 7th October.

It’s great fun, challenging your skills levels at squash, tennis, table tennis and badminton – all in one, highly entertaining, very social tournament.

I (together with my sons) have entered it over the past few years, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. There are different categories for men and women (based on skills levels), as well as different age categories for juniors.

I will be entering it again this year with my boys, and invite you to join us.

To enter, click on

Closing date for entries is 26th September.  


Big congratulations to Kenua Vith, Brody Williamson and William Tweddle from Llandudno Sports Club, who achieved their Western Province Colours for Squash this year.

They were selected to represent WP at the 2018 Inter-Provincial Tournament (IPT) played recently.

Kenau and William both won 5 of their 6 matches, helping their team win the Gold Medal in the Boys u19 category, played in Stellenbosch.

Brody won 6 of his 8 matches, securing his WP team the Silver Medal in the Boys u13 category, played in Port Elizabeth.

Well done boys. We are very proud of you for flying our club’s flag so high and proudly on the provincial stage!

Special mentions also to Emma du Toit (WP Girls u14) and Jazz Mallam (Boland Girls u19), who also achieved their provincial colours, but were unfortunately not able to compete in the IPT.


Each year, our club organizes one large fund-raising event. For the last 20 years, we’ve done an annual golf day.

We’ve decided to have a change this year – not only because Debs Paul, our Chief Organizer of the Golf Day is taking a sabbatical in France this year, but also to try something different.

You would have already read earlier in this newsletter about the annual Racketlon tournament held at UCT. (Refer Section 11). It is immensely popular and great fun, so we’ve decided to launch our inaugural LSC Racketlon Tournament.

It will be held on Sunday 4th November at our club. It will comprise 3 sports: Table Tennis, Squash and Tennis.

I will send out more details closer to the time and invite entries. In the meantime, please diarise the date, and start practising!

Depending on the success of it, we may look to make it an annual event. And we may also bring back our Golf Day next year too.


We are planning some maintenance work to the walls of our two squash courts.

  • Court 1 - the front and side walls need to be scraped down and repainted
  • Court 2 - there is a section in the middle of the front wall of Court 2 that is still giving a bad sound

The challenge is to find a gap in our calendar when we can do this work. We haven’t had a chance for the last few months with the league season, and now we have the Club Champs starting.

We will keep you posted and give you advanced warning when maintenance work is scheduled, and will try to keep the inconvenience to a minimum.


Sheena will be managing a project in the coming months to give our Ladies changing rooms a much needed make-over. Watch this space… 


Please remember that the approval from the City of Cape Town and the LCA to erect floodlights on our lower court was conditional on specific times.

The floodlights can’t be used after 9:30pm on a weekday (Mon-Thurs, Sun), and 10pm on a weekend (Fri & Sat).

Also please remember that you need to switch the floodlights off after usage, using your keytag. (The exact same way you switch them on).

If you forget to switch them off, not only do we potentially break the light-off curfew rule, but it also costs the club in higher electricity fees.


If you’ve lost/left anything at the club, the easiest way to try and track it down is to contact our groundsman, Clive Moses, on 072 207 6508.

Please note that he only works at the club on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.


The encouraging growth of tennis at our club has introduced some challenges. We’ve come a long way in the last 7 years, introducing our Tennis Club Championships, and then entering our first league team in the WP Tennis League.

That one team has now grown to three, but with only two courts, we’ve had to find two additional courts to accommodate our third team for their home fixtures.

For the last two years, we’ve had a rental agreement with Bergvliet Tennis Club, which hasn’t been ideal.

Our Committee entered into exploratory discussions with the Committee of Hout Bay Tennis Club (HBTC) earlier this year, and we found that there would be mutual benefit if we collaborated closer:-

  • HBTC has two additional courts at Kronendal Primary School that we could use for our league fixtures
  • HBTC doesn’t have any league set-up, but have some members who would be very keen to play league tennis. We would allow them to play for our LSC teams, which also gives us greater depth in our squads.
  • We (LSC) have been discussing running a Youth Development tennis program for children from IT and Hangberg. Doing it at LSC poses some logistical issues, which can be negated if we run it at HBTC.

We will be entering into a simple Collaboration Agreement with HBTC for the duration of our club’s current FY (through to Sept 2019). The agreement will be framed around the above points. Both clubs will continue to operate independently of each other.

At the end of the agreement period, we will assess how the collaboration worked, and decide whether we continue with it, or even look to make it more formal.

I will keep you updated with any relevant developments, but to all intents and purposes, it will be business as usual for the members of our LSC.

Phew! I think that’s about it.

As I said at the outset of this newsletter, we’re approaching the busiest period in the life of our club, with lots on the go. So thanks for reading through to the end.

Looking forward to seeing you participating in and/or supporting the various events over the next few months.



Rob Williamson

Chairperson: Llandudno Sports Club

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