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Newsletter July 2017

Hi LSClubbers

Welcome back to those who took some time off during the June/July school holidays to recharge your batteries.

In the Williamson abode, it’s been the “Battle of the TV Remote”, with a smorgasbord of sport on offer – Wimbledon, Super Rugby, International Cricket (I’m a big new fan of South Africa’s Ladies cricket team!), Tour de France, FINA Swimming.

I was shouting super loud for Chad and Cameron in their swimming events last night….and also got a not-so-nice “reality check” (or should that be “maturity check”?!) when the commentator introduced one of the swimmers as a veteran because he was 31 years old. Hells Bells – that doesn’t even qualify him to play Masters Squash for our club!!!

But probably a fair statement, when you realise that some of the swimmers making the World Finals in the adult categories are only 15 years old!

Back to matters closer to home…. here’s a quick rundown of what’s been happening at our club over the past month, and upcoming events and happenings.


Firstly, a warm welcome to our new members who have joined our club since my last newsletter last month. Here’s wishing you many years of fun and fitness with us. I’ve had the opportunity to meet quite a few of you already.

For those who I haven't yet met, I look forward to meeting you soon.

Please feel free to contact me at any time should you want to discuss any matter pertaining to the club and your membership.


The work on the front wall of Court 2 is progressing well. The 1st Phase (plaster-work) was completed last week, and has cured well this week. The 2nd Phase (fibre-glass) will commence on Monday 31st July, and will be completed during the course of next week. We will then wait for the specialist contractor to confirm when the court is ready for play (which is dependent on weather). We envisage it will be ready by Thursday 10th August.

We thank you for your patience during this project. It was a complex process, due to the existing wall being concrete, not brick-work, and we needed to take advantage of the hiatus in the league season during the school holidays to do it.

A big thank you again to Oly Dods, who has spent much time over the last three months researching the best possible solution to the problem, liaising with specialists, and project managing the contractors.


We have completed other small projects around the clubhouse over the past few weeks which you may have noticed – like repairing the front door, replacing the faulty lights on the squash courts, installing new blinds for the sliding door. There are still some other small projects that Sheena has on her “To Do” list to complete in the coming weeks – including having soap dispensers and paper-towel dispensers installed in both the ladies’ and men’s changing rooms.

A major project that we have planned is the re-surfacing of the Lower tennis Court. We have budgeted the funds, and we’ve selected the contractor. It’s now a case of determining the ideal time to do the project – taking into consideration the need to for 4 weeks of predictable/dry weather, and the need to have our courts available for the Tennis League season from September to November, and January to March, and our Club Champs in November/December.

It is likely we will schedule the project for end-March 2018, but we will keep you posted.


Big congrats to our junior members who achieved their Provincial Youth Squash Colours for 2017, and represented their provinces at the recent Inter-Provincial Tournaments around the country.

  • Emma du Toit (WP Girls u13)
  • Jazz Mallam (Boland Girls u16)
  • Brody Williamson (WP Boys u11)
  • Kenau Vith (WP Boys u16)


And big congrats too to Emil Snyman and Demi Steenkamp, for making the WP Jarvis Cup teams.

Well done to you all. We are very proud of you.


We have picked up on our access control system that we have 7 key tags that are out in circulation, but we don’t have member details for them. There is always the risk that these tags have found their way into the hands of non-members of the club, so the only way for us to flush them out and find out who has them in their possession is to deactivate them, and wait to see who complains.

The 7 tag numbers are 091, 121, 301, 342, 343, 349, 350.

Please can I ask you to check your tag and make sure yours isn’t one of these, as they are no longer active (i.e. they won’t open the gates at the club).

If you do have one of these tags, please let me know ASAP, and I’ll ask Paul to reactivate it (assuming you are still a paid-up member).


Please “Save the Date” in your diaries for our club’s Annual Golf Day. It will take place on Friday 15th September, at King David Mowbray Golf Course.

More details to follow closer to the time.


If you’ve lost/left anything behind at the club, the easiest way to try and track it down is to contact our groundsman, Clive Moses, on 072 207 6508. Please note that he only works at the club on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.

That’s all from me. Look out for a mail from me in the coming week giving more details on club’s Annual Golf Day, scheduled for 15 September.



Apologies for the cut & paste error in the latest LSC newsletter I sent out earlier this week.

The title for Point #11 was supposed to read “Resurfacing of Lower Tennis Court” (not a cut & paste of the same title as Point #10).


Big thanks to the handful of members who noticed that, and let me know.

At least I now know that there are a few of you who actually read my newsletters!!!  J


Then, 2 further updates:-


  1. 1.       Budge Stewart:

A lot of you have shared your sadness with Budge Stewart’s untimely passing, and have asked for funeral details. Budge’s funeral will take place at 2:30pm this Saturday (9th September). The venue is still to be confirmed, but Marcus Gordon believes that it will be at Camel Rock in Scarborough. (Let me know if you are planning to attend, and I will ensure I get confirmed details as soon as they are finalized.).


  1. 2.       Prizes for our LSC Annual Golf Day:

We are in need of some extra prizes to be donated/sponsored for our club’s annual golf day, taking place next Friday (15th September).

In the past, we’ve always tried to secure enough prizes so that every player wins something (even it if is something small).


Ideally, we need prizes as a “set of 4” so that every member of the fourball wins the same prize (e.g. 4 x bottles of wine, 4 x meal vouchers, etc.).

We also hold a raffle, so larger “once-off” prizes get put into the raffle prize category.

We always get fantastic support each year from a small group of “usual suspects”, who are very kind and generous.


But we’ve also had many new members join our club, who may be asking how they can contribute to the club in some way. Here’s your opportunity!

Please let me know via reply mail by the end of this week if you are able to support us.


Our golf day is our club’s largest fundraiser of the year. Getting prizes sponsored means we don’t have to eat into the profits of the day to buy prizes.

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