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April 2014 Newsletter

Hi LSClubbers

WOW!  The first quarter of 2014 has come and gone in a blur.

It feels like it was just yesterday that I was tucking into a second helping (or was it thirds?) of Christmas turkey and gammon.

Blink…  and I’m catching up on some hilarious (and devious) April Fool’s jokes. (Amusing to read some of the irate Twitter rants from those gullible folk who fell for the Rooi-bokke red & gold Springbok rugby jersey caper!).

We’ve had our fair share of drama and headlines in this first quarter of 2014, both on the global stage, and back here at home. Mystery over a vanishing Malaysian plane, the UK “sinking” with incessant floods, war tensions around Crimea, Biff’s tearful retirement,  Nkandla-gate, Oscar-gate, and soon to hit our screens, another courtroom soap opera in the form of Dewani-gate.

And whilst all of those dramas play out, there’s plenty to keep us entertained and on our toes in the life of our own sports club. So grab yourself a cuppa and lend me your eyes for the next few minutes as I bring you up-to-speed with all the news and happenings:-


A very warm welcome to our new members who have joined LSC since January  (when I sent out my last newsletter). For those who I haven't had the opportunity to meet yet, I look forward to meeting you soon.

On behalf of the LSC Committee, thank you for joining, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy being a member of our proud and festive club, this year and for many years to come.

Please feel free to contact me at any time should you want to discuss any matter pertaining to the club and your membership.


Firstly, to our many members who completed the Cape Argus Cycle Race (no mean feat in that fiendish south-easter), as well as to our members who completed the grueling Cape Epic. I always find it enthralling to hear the heroic tales of riders finishing the Epic with broken collar bones or fractured cheekbones. Epic indeed!

Secondly, to Kenau Vith and William Tweddle, for being awarded their provincial colours in making the Western Province u13 squash team. We know how hard both of you work on your games, so your achievement is well-earned and deserved. We are very proud of you both.


A big thank you to Eric Putsman, for donating the newly installed thatch gazebo to the club, on the grass next to the lower tennis court. Eric has dedicated the gazebo to his late father, who enjoyed the view of Llandudno from that vantage point.

Eric, we greatly appreciate your kind and endearing gesture.

Thank you also to Carrie Lam for donating the second fridge in the clubhouse. As most of you know, our primary fridge is under lock and key as it contains drinks (including beer, wine and ciders) and a cash float, and needs to be kept locked as we don’t have someone on duty 24/7 at our club. But many members have complained that they can’t store their own drinks in the fridge when they come to play a match. So now with the fridge that Carrie has kindly donated, members can store drinks in that fridge whilst they play, and enjoy a cold one when they’ve finished their games.

However, I do need to appeal to members to not leave alcoholic drinks in that fridge. We have found unfinished bottles of wine left in the fridge. We have many kids/teenagers frequenting our club. Let’s go easy on them with not testing their resolve against temptation!


We have contracted a painting company to paint the interior and exterior of our clubhouse. With our squash and tennis leagues on a hiatus during the school holidays this past week, it was an ideal time to do this work. It should be completed early next week. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this period.

The outside braai facility will also be repaired at the same time, and our next improvement project will be to give our ladies changing rooms a facelift.

We have also replaced the geyser. Apologies to those members who were subjected to cold showers during the week that it was out of commission.


We will be upgrading our access control system in the coming month. We want to do away with the current process of having to go into the clubhouse to retrieve the key that opens the locks on the tennis courts’ gates. It’s become more and more problematic with members forgetting to return the key to the clubhouse, and/or forgetting to lock the gates after use.

Our existing access control system with the key tags is outdated, and doesn’t allow for additional tag reader units to be added. So we’re upgrading the whole system whereby all the gates – the main clubhouse gate, the lower and upper tennis court gates, and the enclosure box housing the switch to the floodlights for the lower tennis court – will all function on the same system, with your keytag opening all of those tag reader units.

The new system will require us to replace the current key tags with new tags, so this upgrade project will require you to hand in your old tag and be issued a new tag. We will look to manage this process as seamlessly as possible, and will communicate when and where members can collect their new key tags when we’re ready to do the cut-over.

A big thank you to Paul Herrmann for doing all the research into this upgrade project, and for continuing to manage the access control system with military precision.


We entered three tennis teams for league tennis during the January to March league season. Our Men’s team, captained by Bob Groeneveld, finished 2nd on the log in their 7th League. Well done guys. Great achievement.

Our ladies, having won promotion to the 2nd League this year, found the going quite tough, but fought hard throughout the season and retained their slot to play in the 2nd League again next year. It was amusing to hear from our Ladies captain, Michelle Dutton, that the average age of their opponents each week was often younger than their own daughters, and it wasn’t uncommon for them to hear an encouraging comment from across the net during a rally, “Mooi skoot, tannie!” J

Our third league team in action was the Thursday morning ladies league, captained by Kiki Bond-Smith. They still have one fixture to go to complete their season, and when I last checked with Kiki on their progress 2 weeks ago, they had won 3 of their 4 fixtures, so are doing very well.


For new members not in-the-know, Eric Putsman runs mixed socials every Sunday morning from 10am-12pm (weather permitting). If you’re keen to get involved, you can contact Eric on 083 777 5206.

Also, should you want any coaching lessons – for you or your kids – you can contact Michelle Dutton. (082 497 7540).


Our annual Tennis Club Champs tournament is now underway, and I’m sure will serve up some high quality tennis again this year. The Finals Day has provisionally been scheduled for Saturday 10th May (weather permitting), so diarise that now as it’s the highlight of our tennis calendar for the year, and is always a festive, social event.

We’ll also be holding a Juniors Doubles Club Champs tournament for the first time this year. More details to follow on that one.


We’ve entered 8 league teams into the WP Squash League this season, the most our club has ever done, which speaks highly of our strength and depth. We have 3 ladies’ teams, 5 men’s teams and 2 masters’ teams competing. We wish them all a successful and enjoyable season.


Our annual golf day, our club’s largest fund-raising event each year, takes place next Friday (11th April) at the King David Golf Club. We still have space for some last minute entries, so if you’re interested but have been a bit sluggish in getting your clubs down from the attic, contact Debs Paul at for more details. She’s know to be very persuasive!

That’s it from me. Thanks for reading on till the end! J




Rob Williamson

Chairperson: Llandudno Sports Club

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