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AGM and League Results

A big thank you to all of you who attended our Squash Club Champs Finals Day and AGM on Friday evening. We had a fantastic turn-out, and were treated to some exhilarating squash in the various finals.

Congratulations to our Prize Winners in the various categories:-


For those who have joined the club in the last 5-10 years, you probably did not have the opportunity and privilege to meet Peter Holling. Peter was a member of our club for many years, and served as Chairperson from 1996-1999. He gave tirelessly of his time and resources to the club, and sadly passed away a few years ago. Before leaving us, Peter donated a cup to the club - The Peter Holling Trophy.  His intention was that it be presented annually to a member who had over time shown dedication to the club, not necessarily always visibly, but always selflessly and without thought of reward or recognition.

Eric was a unanimous winner this year, in recognition of his years of service to the club, and specifically the instrumental role he’s played over the past 2 years in managing the intricate tennis upgrade project. Well done, and thank you, Eric.



Cup Winner:                      Kenau Vith  (winning the title for the 3rd consecutive year. Well done Kenau!)

Runner-Up:                        William Tweddle

3rd Place:                              Josh Harford

4th Place:                              Cameron Williamson


Cup Winner:                      Carrie Lam  (winning her 11th title in the last 13 years. Well done Carrie!)

Cup Runner-up:                Laurence Esteve

Plate Winner:                    Margie Mackenzie

Plate Runner-up:             Maike Valcarcel

Shield Final still to be played: Debs Paul vs Sam Lupini



Cup Winner:                      Geoff Dods  (winning the title for the 7th consecutive year. Well done Geoff!)

Cup Runner-up:                Tom Main

Shield Winner:                  Markus Bauriedl

Shield Runner-up:           Bob Groenewald

Plate Winner:                    David Unteidt

Plate Runner-up:             Llewellyn Snyman 

I have attached a transcript of my Chairperson’s Report that I delivered at the AGM.

A big thank you to Debs Paul for arranging all the snacks and (wo)manning the bar, and Paul Herrmann for being the photographer.

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