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August 2014 Newsletter

Hi LSClubbers

Yes – I know I only sent out my previous LSC Newsletter a mere 5 weeks ago, and that I try not to monopolise your InBoxes (too much), but we completed our club’s Annual Tennis Club Champs with a very successful Finals Day this past weekend, and I’ve received a few e-mails from members who were unable to attend the day, asking who won the various finals.

So I’ll exploit that opportunity to send out another newsletter… and promise it will be a quickie! J

Before we get to the Tennis Club Champs feedback, a few bits of house-keeping:-


Firstly, a very warm welcome to our new members who have joined LSC in the last month. For those who I haven't had the opportunity to meet yet, I look forward to meeting you soon.

On behalf of the LSC Committee, thank you for joining, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy being a member of our proud and festive club, this year and for many years to come.

Please feel free to contact me at any time should you want to discuss any matter pertaining to the club and your membership.


In the July newsletter, I congratulated Kenau Vith and William Tweddle for making the WP U13 squash squad, and for winning gold medals in the recent Inter-Provincial Tournament. It was remiss of me not to also congratulate Josh Harford for making the WP U15 squash squad, and winning a silver medal at the same tournament. Well done Josh, and my apologies for the oversight.


I’m still receiving a few mails/calls from members asking what they need to do to swap-out their old access key tags, seeing as we upgraded our access control system two months ago. You do the swap-out with Chenay Solomons at the Seeff Properties office in Mainstream Shopping Centre, Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm. If you need to do a swap-out outside of these hours or over the weekend, you can contact me directly, and we can make a plan.


For new members not in-the-know, Eric Putsman runs mixed socials every Sunday morning from 10am-12pm (weather permitting). If you’re keen to get involved, you can contact Eric on 083 777 5206.

Also, should you want any coaching lessons – for you and/or your kids – you can contact Michelle Dutton. (082 497 7540).


I mentioned in my previous newsletter that Social Doubles Squash is gaining a lot of momentum at our club. What started off as just a bit of friendly knockabouts involving a few members has evolved into a regular social doubles league on Saturday afternoons that is becoming more and more popular.

For more info and details on how to get involved, please contact Vida Steenkamp on 082 648 6156 or


In the event that you leave something of value behind at the club, the best way to see whether someone has picked it up is to contact our groundsman, Clive Moses, on 072 207 6508. Clive works at the club on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and generally puts anything of value that has been left lying around in the club’s storeroom for safekeeping.


I did sent out a mail to all members a few weeks ago informing them of the process, but we had another incident earlier this week where the floodlights were left on, so I’ll repeat the instructions again.

To switch the lights on, you swipe your tag against the tag-reader on the orange box, on the sidewall of the wellness centre. To switch the lights off after playing, you swipe the tag reader again and the lights go off.

It sounds simple, but it does allow for the risk of a member forgetting to switch the lights off, or (for some unknown/ignorant reason) swiping the tag-reader during the day, and not realizing the lights have come on. (We’ve had incidents of both in the last few weeks).

We are able to identify who the culprits are by accessing the system’s logs, and we’ve addressed this with them offline.

Having sent out mails informing members of the operating procedure, we will not accept ignorance as an excuse for negligently leaving the lights on and incurring costs for the club.  The Committee will implement a fine system for culprits to recoup expenses, with a first offence being R100, the second offence being R200, etc. I hope we do not have to come to that.


Our club’s financial year-end is August, and we align our membership period to our FY, so Sheena will be sending out membership renewal invoices during the first week of September. The Committee has approved increases of between 3.5% and 4.5% for the different Membership categories. (Don’t shout out this minimal increase rates too loudly or we’ll have the unionists on our backs questioning why we’re not standing in solidarity with them with 8.5% demands!).

The fee structure for the 2014/15 season is as follows:-

- Family Membership: An increase of R50 to R1,400 (3.5% increase)

- Single Membership: An increase of R50 to R1,200 (4.5% increase)

- Student Membership: An increase of R25 to R575 (4.5% increase)

I regularly correspond with the chairpersons of other clubs in the peninsula and can still proudly say that we offer the best value for money in our fee structure. The other chairpersons are amazed that we don’t charge a levy for the use of lights (squash and floodlights for tennis), saying that this is a profitable revenue stream for their clubs.

At LSC, we maintain our stance (as a NPO) that we want to offer our members an experience that is incomparable in the Western Cape. Having said that, the income from membership fees is the club’s largest source of income, and we are reliant on that income to maintain and improve the club and facilities. So please can I appeal to you to pay your fee renewals promptly. Thank you.

Ok – house-keeping all done… now for the report on the Tennis Club Champs:-


We held our 2014 Tennis Club Championships Finals Day last Sunday. It was an idyllic day for the finals – clear skies and not a breath of wind, with the three whales frolicking in surf adding a spectacular backdrop to the top-class tennis on show, in front of an appreciative crowd.

First up was the Ladies Singles Cup Final, with top-seed Michelle Dutton successfully defending her title by edging out a brave challenge from third-seed Glynis Gilliot. It was Michelle’s fourth Singles title in a row.

Next up on Centre Court was the Men’s Singles Cup Final between defending champion and top seed Bob Groeneveld and third seed Richard Fawcett. Bob had beaten Richard’s dad, Tony, in the 2013 final, and it was Richard’s opportunity to exact some revenge for the Fawcett family. It was grueling match with both players slugging it out and giving their all. Richard eventually took the title with a 6-4, 6-4 win. Both players were given a standing ovation for putting on an enthralling match that lasted over 2 hours.

Michelle and Richard went on to add to their Singles titles by winning their respective Doubles matches. In the Ladies Doubles, Michelle and partner Maureen Weimar were too strong for Abby Lewis and Glynis Gilliot. In the Men’s Doubles, the impressive father-and-son act of Tony and Richard Fawcett edged out Bob Groeneveld and Michael Bester.

In the final match of the day, the Mixed Doubles, the Fawcetts completed a clean sweep of titles, with Richard teaming up with his mother, Adrienne, to beat Michelle Dutton and Grant van Zyl, giving Richard a personal hat-trick of titles on the day.

Not all the finals for Plate competition could be played on Sunday due to various reasons, but congrats to the winners of the matches that were played:-

Kiki Bond-Smith for winning the Ladies Singles Plate.

Lindy Slingsby and Kirsten Weimar for winning the Ladies Doubles Plate.

Tarryn and Paul Smith for winning the Mixed Doubles Plate.

Well done to all the finalists, and congratulations to the 2014 champions.

That’s all from me.  Ok, so I lied. It wasn’t quite a “quickie”, but plenty of quality to go with the quantity! J



Rob Williamson

Chairperson: Llandudno Sports Club

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