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17th League

17th League

The 17th League team (currently Llandudno E) is a social team that has been going since around 2001.  There have been a few changes over the years but we still have a couple of core members (Neil is the most core!).  Last year we split the team so that the younger players would have an opportunity to play at higher levels.  Unfortunately this has meant that we don't have the best team in the league any more (in fact currently we are the worst!).  Even so, we enjoy our squash and the social afterwards which is really what counts.

Latest News

30 May 2012

No Game this week.

Fixtures and Results

Date Team1 Team2 Result
08/03/12 DBV M LDO E 11 - 6
15/03/12 LDO E PREM D 0 - 14
22/03/12 BGV G LDO E 14 - 2
12/04/12 LDO E VIL J 4 - 12
19/04/12 RBS B LDO E 12 - 5
26/04/12 LDO E VOB L 2 - 14
03/05/12 WMD G LDO E 14 - 3
10/05/12 LDO E LDO D 11 - 8 
24/05/12 LDO E DBV L 4 - 13 
07/06/12 LDO E DBV M  
21/06/12 PREM D LDO E  
19/07/12 LDO E BGV G  
26/07/12 VIL J LDO E  
02/08/12 LDO E RBS B  
16/08/12 VOB L LDO E  
23/08/12 LDO E WMD G  
30/08/12 LDO D LDO E  
06/09/12 DBV L LDO E  

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